Tips and Tricks

You can find some store specific information. This page is just a way for me to share the information I have gathered over the last few months working on rpilocator. I doubt I will have all of the vendors I track listed on this page but if you have information to share, please email me.

- André Costa ([email protected])

Before reading the tips below, keep in mind that most of the vendors selling Raspberry Pi computers are small companies. So, be nice to them. I've talked to a lot of the folks that run these stores and they are just as frustrated as we are about the shortage.

Rpilocator does not get any commission or kickbacks from any of the vendors featured here. While some of the links inform vendor that traffic came from, none of the links that take you to vendor or product webpages send personal information.

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Adafruit (US)

Adafruit tracking

Adafruit has been the most reliable source of Raspberry Pi 4Bs in the US (and the world). They have had restocks of Pi 4B's almost daily for the last few months and weekly drops for the most part of 2022. There has been a few weeks that they have not had any restocks but those are not very frequent. Restocks usually occur between 11:00am - 12:30pm Eastern time.

Before you read anything below, setup 2FA on their website and read their FAQ carefully - it answers a lot of questions regarding buying a Raspberry Pi and how they are trying to curb bot/scalpers from buying products from them.

Please note that Adafruit has some strict guidelines on buying Raspberry Pi computers. As their policy page states, they only allow ONE Pi computer, of ANY kind, per customer/location. They do a manual review of orders flagged as repeats and usually cancel orders if you have purchased a Pi computer from them recently.

"ONE Pi, of ANY kind, per customer" means exactly what it says. They are only allowing one Pi computer per customer for the time being. If you buy a CM4 (or any other Pi computer) one week and then a Pi 4B 4GB (or any other Pi computer) a different week, expect your second order to be canceled. They have not specified a "cool down period" but they mention in their FAQ they will update the guidelines when customers are able to order more Pi computers.

Other things of note: Adafruit does not ship to hotels or mail forwarding services as these are notoriously used by scammers/scalpers. They ship to many countries, so check them out if you are outside of the US.

BerryBase (DE)

BerryBase tracking

BerryBase has been a reliable source or Pi 4B's and CM4's ever since I created rpilocator. They have not had stock as consistently as Adafruit but do get large number of units at a time.

In order to curb bot and scalper activity on their website, they are requiring a Maker Cub membership to be able to order Raspberry Pi products from them. Only residents of the EU and Switzerland are able to sign up for the club. Here is how this works:

  • Firstly, you should use the German site. The other languages don't work well with the Maker Club membership.
  • Secondly, you have to sign up for their Maker's Club. The membership is free and you have to provide a physical address.
  • After you sign up for the Maker's Club, you have to wait for a confirmation email saying you were added to the club. Before you get this email, you will not be able to buy Raspberry Pi computers.
  • Lastly, after you are a club member, you will be able to add the products to the cart and check out.

As a side note, it looks like they do a manual review of club membership requests since I signed up on the weekend but only got the confirmation email on Monday during business hours.

Micro Center (US)

Micro Center Locations

Micro Center stores have an area dedicated to Raspberry Pi products. Although stock is limited, they have had consistent stock since August 2022. There is a one Pi per customer limit and you can only buy them in person. Reserving them online or over the phone is not allowed.

If you are lucky enough to have a Micro Center nearby, just stop by and see what they have in stock. If you are driving the distance and want to see what they have in stock, you can try searching their website. Keep in mind that Micro Center is notorious for not updating the website for in-store only products, but many Twitter followers have reported that the website shows accurate stock.

A special thanks to all the folks on Twitter providing Micro Center updates!