I make things. I make software, hardware, and softgoods. Because I have a full time job at a tech company and way too many hobbies, I try to automate everything that I have to do more than a few times a week. It's obvious that I usually use a Raspberry Pi to automate things and this is how this website was born.

This database was created out of frustration trying to locate a Raspberry Pi product in the height of the chip and supply chain shortages of 2021. I got tired of visiting multiple websites every day trying to figure out if there were any Raspberry Pi's in stock. I coded this website in a few days during my spare time and had it hosted on a Raspberry Pi for a couple of weeks before deciding to make it publicly available. It was moved to shared hosting provider for over a year but in August of 2023, it is again being hosted on a Raspberry Pi.

Although they are not as hard to find nowadays, Raspberry Pi computers were almost impossible to come by without a notification system during the so-called "Pi Shortage". If you find this website useful, share with someone that might also find it useful. There is no share button, so you'll have to go old school and copy/paste the link.

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- André Costa ([email protected])

Can I get notified when a product becomes available?

Follow rpilocator on Twitter . The tracker provides real-time updates on Twitter when a product comes in stock.

We are also on Mastodon but push notifications on Mastodon is not great right now.

Join the official Telegram channel for real time notifications.

Subscribe to the Stock Alert Feed . The feed is updated real-time when a product comes in stock.

Use the rpilocator RSS feed reader and notification script camerahacks/rpilocator-rss-feed

Do you get commission?

This website does not get any commission or kickbacks from any of the vendors featured here. While some of the links inform vendor that traffic came from rpilocator.com, none of the links that take you to vendor or product webpages send personal information.

Why aren't some of the vendors listed?

I tried to include all of the obvious vendors that carry Raspberry Pi products, but not all web stores allow a script (robot) to get information from their website. As you can imagine, I don't update this website manually every few minutes or so :). All the heavy lifting is done by scanning the product pages and updating the database this website runs on. If there is an authorized reseller that is missing (and is also not listed below) and you would like it to be added, send me an email or message me on Twitter.

I've tried to add the vendors below without success:

  • CanaKit, too much work to scrape/reverse engineer.
  • Micro Center, they only sell in store and there is no way for me to track that.
  • Core Electronics, they asked me to be (temporarily) remove from the site

Why aren't kits being tracked?

I made a decision at the beginning of the site that I was not going to track kits. I do this for a couple of reasons:

  • Kits are wildly different between vendors and it is impossible to compare prices and offerings between vendors.
  • I would like to discourage the practice of only offering kits to customers. I would like to see vendors offer kits only if they also offer the board alone.

Do you have data?

Log everything! I have kept a log of restocks since February of 2022. You can check out the Analytics page for more information.

I'm building a bot to do X, can I use your information?

I'm not a hypocrite so I'm not against bots. If you are looking to create a notification system for personal use, please use the RSS feed and don't hit the site more than once a minute. High frequency bots will get blocked. Feel free to ge in touch with me if you want to use the data on this site. Business/commercial use is not allowed.

Is it possible to filter the RSS Feed?

Yes, the same filters from the main page are available to filter the RSS feed. You can use the widget below to customize the RSS Feed filters